Stump Cutter/Stump Grinder

$30.00 hourly
  • Ahki Jobs
  • Aroland, ON, Canada
  • Feb 01, 2024
Contractor First Nation Land & Resources Landscaping Skilled Labor

Job Description

Looking to hire or contract a man or woman or their team to cut stumps and some remaining brush throughout a property in beautiful Aroland First Nation, Canada located directly on Highway 643.

Job is simple!

You or your team will use your own equipment such as your own Stump grinders, chainsaws and brush saws to cut stumps and remaining under growth on a few acres and to bring a First Nation owned property up to the resident's standards.

Project is short-term in nature and shouldn't take more than one or two days of work with the proper equipment.

Wage: $30.00 Hourly Per Person On Your Team - Gas Is Paid For By Resident If Coming From Outside Aroland First Nation.

Apply or Call 807-329-9900 if Interested.